The 5th International Conference on Evolvable Systems:
From Biology to Hardware

17th - 20th March 2003
Trondheim, Norway

Travel, Tours and Trondheim




This page contains information about:

o        sightseeing in Norway (Røros, North Cape, Bergen);

o        skiing in and around Trondheim (Vassfjellet, Oppdal and Åre/Sweden) and

o        travel to Trondheim.

You will also find links to

o        local car rental agencies and

o        other relevant tourist web sites and maps.

We have also included mail lists to help you organise trips together with other delegates.

.More information will follow.

Tour Possibilities

  • Røros

About two hours from Trondheim by train, is the town of Røros. This mining town is well worth a visit. You can get to Røros both by train, car or bus from Trondheim and Oslo, or by plane from Oslo.

The main attraction in the Røros region is the town of Røros. The town, with its wooden houses and many traces of the mining industry of bygone years, was appointed an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. Røros is well known for its dynamic community of craftsmen, courtyards, Slegghaugan and the Røros Museum.

During its 333 year history, the copper works played a dominant economic and social role in the region, and was also a financial power-house in the Danish/Norwegian kingdom. Røros was both a mining and an agricultural town. It was founded in the year 1644, when trial mining was started.

More information about the Røros region and the town of Røros can be found at

Most days there are three or more train departures from both Oslo and Trondheim that pass through Røros. If taking the train from Oslo to Røros, or Røros to Oslo, you have to switch train at Hamar. A timetable for the train can be found here, or you can search for the routes in the NSB webpage.

There is one daily departure (except for Saturdays) for Røros from Oslo Airport (and from Røros to Oslo), with Widerøe. Both SAS and Widerøe sell tickets for this flight, at around 1500 NOK. The flight takes around 50 minutes.

Embark the north-going Coastal express in Trondheim and experience the beautiful scenery along the coast to the very north of Norway, called North cape. Visit interesting towns along the journey, like Bodø and Tromsø. The journey from Trondheim to North cape takes 3 days. Prices in the range 2000-3000 NOK. (Groups larger than 10 people may get discounts.) Fly with Wideröe from Honningsvåg airport (1 hour from North cape). There are buses to and from Honningsvåg from North cape.

The south-going Coastal express will bring you from Trondheim to one of Norway's other beautiful cities, Bergen. This journey takes 24 hours. Return from the nearby Bergen Airport, Flesland (20 kilometers south of Bergen).


Here are some ski suggestiongs around Trondheim. However, many other possibilities exist throughout Norway. We will try to provide reduced ski rental for delegates. More information about this will follow. 

o        Skiing in Trondheim

It is possible to go cross-country skiing in the woods surrounding Trondheim. One of these is called Estedensemarka and the other Bymarka. Both are accessible by car and buss and Bymarka is also accessible by Trykk. A number of tracks are available for evening ski tours. At the weekend it is possible to ski into one of the mountain huts and buy something simple to eat and drink. Skis may be hired in Trondheim from any of the sport shops.

o        Skiing at Vassfjellet (outside Trondheim)

Vassfjellet is an alpine ski resort only 8km south of Trondheim. It is close enough to Trondheim for an evening trip in some of the country’s best floodlit hills. The resort supports both alpine, snowboards and telemark. It even has an elevator for skicarts ("gocarts on skis"). Prices start at 140,- for one evening card (16.30-21.00). Check out a web-cam and constantly updated weather reports at

The following bus fares are available to Vassfjellet from the centre of  Trondheim (Munkegate stop marked "Klæbu"):
Monday: kl. 16.30 , returns 21.05
Tuesday: kl. 10 og 16.30 , returns 17.15 and 21.05
Wednesday: kl. 10, 12 and 16.30 , returns 17.15 and 21.05
Thursday: kl. 10 and 16.30 , returns 17.15 and 21.05
Friday: kl. 10, 12 and 16.30 returns 17.15 and 21.05
Saturday: kl. 10 and 12 returns 16.35
Sunday: kl. 10 and 12 returns 16.35

Extra buss
Extra busses can be made available if at least 40 persons purchase an elevator card, or one pays 1500 NOK. Nonstop t/r Vassfjellet.

By car
To get to Vassfjellet by car from Trondheim, you drive about 10km along E6 south, and turn off at "Sandemoen". The turnoff is marked "Klæbu-Brøttern-Skisenter". Then follow the directions to "Skisenter".

If more than 10 persons buy cards, you might be able to get a discount.

Ski hire
You may hire ski and snowboards at Vassfjellet. Prices are from 150 NOK an evening for alpine or telemark, and from 190 NOK for an evening for snowboards.
If you have any questions (or wants to make sure they have your size for when you want to hire), you may send an E-post to the people at the ski rental office

Oppdal has Norway's largest alpine ski area, and is only a short trip from Trondheim. There are 16 ski lifts, and 28 prepared hills over 4 mountains. More information, maps, and links to 4 web-cams over the area, can be found here

For snowboarders, the Hovden and Vangslia ski resort are to be recomended. For instance, at Vangslia you can find a 100 meters long, 15 meter wide and 3.5 meters high halfpipe. There are also funboxes, a quarterpipe, bigjump, spine and 3 tabletopps.

All the ski lifts and hills can be used with the same elevator card. You can by cards both for single trips, multiple trips and for periods. A price list for cards can be found here. Ski and snowboards and so on, can be hired on all of the three major ski resorts, at the following prices.

You may take a bus from the centre of Oppdal, to the ski resorts in the morning. For more information about the ski bus and about the resort contact

At Oppdal you may also try out other things like ice climbing (1 and 2 day courses are held by the local mountainneering group, contact for more information), and Curling in a top modern 4-fields hall (for more information contact

Travelling from Trondheim to Oppdal takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by train or car. There are usually 3 daily train departures between Trondheim and Oppdal. Departure times can be found here.

The train from Trondheim central station will bring you to one of northern Europe's better ski resorts Åre, situated on the Swedish side of the border. You can also drive to Åre from Trondheim in about 2 ½ hours. The following is a list of ski rental agencies in Åre:

Getting to Trondheim


Car rental

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